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Discover life at Lumis

Feel at home in a vibrant and modern living environment.

A place where you can be yourself, meet your people, and support your learning.

Lumis Graz communal seating area
Lumis Cardiff communal seating area

Designed around your lifestyle

We specialise in exciting, modern spaces. Come to our blocks and you’ll find an environment that’s bright and bustling.

But your room is your haven, and we give you spacious accommodation so you can unwind, and focus when you need to.

With quality furnishings you can easily settle into your home away from home.

The 24 hour on-site help, even on national holidays, gives you that safety if something were ever to go wrong.
Phil  |  Leicester
The space is perfect for me, with everything I need in order to have a good mix of study and relaxation.
Mykola  |  Leicester
The rooms here are extremely affordable, spacious with almost all amenities if compared to others - and I've been to all
Darshan  |  Cardiff

Find your people

The thing that really sets our accommodation apart from others is our excellent communal spaces. On any given day, you can find your tribe taking advantage of our amazing benefits.

All-inclusive bills
Cinema Room
Co-working space
Free Wi-Fi
Games room
Links to public transport
On site team
Secure bike storage
Social spaces

Discover Lumis

We build beautiful accommodation for students in the heart of city centres. We’ve been going since 2017 and now we have quality rooms all over Europe.

What’s our raison d’être? It’s to create spaces that reflect the positive outlook and vibrant spirit of the students that live in our places.  

We’re not a faceless organisation, and when you trust us with your accommodation, we make sure you have a designated person to speak to at every step of the way.

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